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Coffee Beans

Next stop: Congo

Brewing now: Congo Muungano. Kaldi's has delivered a fresh roasted shipment of beans from the next destination on its Fair Trade World Tour. 

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Curry Wrap

January Crave-ing: Curry Wrap

Brrrr… Fight the January chill with a sandwich that warms you from the inside out. Protein packed quinoa is tossed with sauteed peppers and onions and a warmly spiced curry sauce then bundled up in a whole wheat wrap. After a quick grill, this toasty wrap is the tastiest defense against that winter wind. 

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Sandwiches, Gelato and the Internet

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I love the New Year.  Why?  Because it’s new.  It’s a great and exciting word.  When things are new, there are endless possibilities and renewed hope for the future.  For me, there is nothing better than new because it means nothing but opportunities!  And that’s especially true here at Crave. Over the past year, Crave

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Beefy Billiken


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Sambal Turkey


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Meet Our Friends

Favorite winter activity: Reading a book and drinking tea Watched most recently on TV: Gilmore Girls Favorite Crave Drink: Chai Latte - Pumpkin Chai Latte when it's in season

Newsletter Kristen

Behind the Bar: Kristen Forbes

( Barista )

Friendly relaxed atmosphere


( Neighbor )

It's an interesting atmosphere here where you meet very very very nice staff members who are just genuinely good people.


Ken K

( Admirer )

Wonderful, relaxing atmosphere for lunch or coffee. Wifi available. Food is fresh and tasty. Staff is friendly and efficient.


( Student )

Love the coffee and atmosphere!


Great place to hangout

( Student )

"Peace. Coffee. More. What do YOU crave?"